Ethereum Classic Labs is pleased to introduce Studio, a program to support the launch of new projects and crowdsales on the Ethereum Classic Blockchain (ETC). As the steward of the Ethereum Classic blockchain, ETC Labs Studio provides technical support and guidance for new project launch, native token build along with deployment and promotion in Asian markets and capital-raising through crowdsales.

Why Ethereum Classic?

Ethereum Classic is an ideal platform to launch new projects and to raise capital. The ETC Labs Studio program provides distinct advantages that include:

  • Liquidity and access to investors
  • Stability and security
  • Full compatibility and interoperability with Ethereum
  • Lower transaction costs than Ethereum

While many projects have been launched on Ethereum, significant changes are around the corner. ETC will be the only Ethereum Proof of Work (PoW) blockchain, providing a proven and stable safe harbor for new projects. Deploying your project and native token on ETC means enhanced security, long term stability, and higher margins from token sales.


Reduce your time-to-market and allow our team of experts to create, distribute and manage your token sales.

Access liquidity of a public blockchain. Lower transaction fees and cost of token sales to yield greater returns for your project.

Our marketing team will expand and support your messaging, awareness and value propositions, especially to the Asian market.

Ethereum Classic offers stability, security, and greater transaction speed to provide a low-risk, long-term platform for your project.

How it works

Deploying a new project and raising capital through a token sale requires special expertise in marketing and technology.

Ethereum Classic Labs Studio provides both to ensure high-quality technical development of native tokens, a secure and seamless crowdsale backend, and promotion to key audience segments to ensure success.

Studio services include:


ETC Labs has a dedicated core development team to improve the speed, stability, and scalability of the Ethereum Classic protocol. When performing a token sale with our ETC Labs Studio program, our team of technical experts will:

  • Build, launch and manage your native token
  • Provide technical support to ensure a smooth token sale
  • Build and maintain the crowdsale backend
  • Troubleshoot as needed


The Ethereum Classic Labs marketing team in the US and across Asia has years of combined experience and connections to define, position and amplify your project, including:

  • PR and Marketing campaign design and strategy development
  • Outreach to channels in Asia and around the globe
  • Specialized outreach to partner media properties in Asia

Our marketing team will support and complement your marketing efforts and expand awareness to a new audience.

About Ethereum Classic

Ethereum Classic and its sibling protocol, Ethereum, are the largest blockchains featuring smart contracts, Ethereum virtual machine, decentralized ledgers, and strong global communities. With a market cap of approximately $680 million, it is among the top cryptocurrencies, available on major exchanges, including Coinbase.

ETC is a branch of Ethereum created in 2016. ETC and ETH currently have the same codebase and maintain ongoing compatibility.

Current Partners

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