Ethereum Classic FAQ


ETC and ETH are technically compatible blockchains allowing applications to be deployed on either platform. You can use the same tools provided by either ecosystem in your DApp development environment. For example, Truffle and Remix can be used and configured to connect to ETC.

If you have an existing application on ETH, then it is often as easy as deploying that application on ETC and ensuring the interface is connected to the correct network (ETC). If your application contains a lot of infrastructure off-chain, then the scope of work could be more complicated, but if you’ve integrated ETH, then you’ve technically done it before.

  • Cheaper gas costs
  • Immutability
  • Disinflationary Monetary policy
  • Proof of Work
  • Vibrant Developer Community
  • Great Dev tools


DApp Development

I Already Know ETH What’s Different?

There’s very little difference and the process and current ECIPs can be found at

  • Monetary policy fixed supply cap ~210 ml Ether Classic
  • Difficulty bomb defusal
  • Atlantis: includes ETH Byzantium and spurious dragon upgrades
  • Agharta: includes ETH Constantinople and St. Petersburg upgrades
  • Aztlan: includes ETH Istanbul upgrades

A list of all EVM chain IDs can be found here
For quick access:

Network Chain ID
ETC Mainnet 61
ETC Kotti 6
ETC Mordor 63
Testnet Type
Kotti ETC Proof of Authority Testnet
Mordor ETC Proof of Work Testnet