What's happening at ETC Labs?

ETC Labs has built a strong community of entrepreneurs, educators, investors, compliance and policy managers and industry leaders. We host events on a regular basis and our ETC community is welcome to have events at our two floors in downtown San Francisco, the heart of technology and blockchain. Check out our events below and register today!





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July 11th: 
5:30p – 8:00p

TF Blockchain – SF Blockchain Chapter Launch Event

TF Blockchain is bringing our Premier Blockchain Events to San Francisco in the form of our Evening Event Series with the launch of our San Francisco Chapter. TF Blockchain hosts quarterly conferences and monthly collaboration events where we invite top blockchain innovators to share their insights and engage with the attendees.

ETC Labs
111 Ellis Street

July 23: 
1p – 4p

Stanford Class Field Trip to ETC Labs

Students from Stanford visit ETC Labs to better understand blockchain and our Accelerator program. 

ETC Labs
111 Ellis Street

Private Event


July 24
6p – 8p

Golden Gate Global Investor Event

Golden Gate Global, winner of IIUSA’s 2019 Regional Center of the Year Award, can help you accelerate your pathway to permanent residency in the U.S. while safeguarding your investments. Get all your questions answered by the award-winning Golden Gate Global team, to understand how you can achieve your immigration goals faster!

ETC Labs
111 Ellis Street

July 26th: 
6p – 8:30p

Blockchain as a Service

Blockchain-as-a-Service solutions will dominate the industry in the coming years. Learn how companies like Amazon, Oracle, and IBM are adapting cloud infrastructure to make the benefits of blockchain technology available for all!

ETC Labs
111 Ellis Street

August 19 – 23

Blockchain Week Berlin

Blockchain Week Berlin is a decentralized community-organized initiative. There is no single owner. It is an agnostic movement based on the premise that self-organization is the backbone of the ecosystem. We invite projects, individuals and anyone interested in fruitful and educational discussions to join us in Berlin in August.

Berlin Germany

Sep 18th – 19th
9a – 8p

Blockchain Bridge

Join us for the Blockchain Bridge Conference on Sept 18tth & 19th. Organized by Manos Acclerator, ETC Labs, and Coinstate
Day 1
– Full Day Summit
Hosted at 360 Lab

Day 2 – Startup Pitch Day
Hosted at Google Launchpad

360 Lab
274 Brannan St.
5th Floor
San Francisco, ca 94107

Interested in having an event @ETC Labs?

Are you or do you want to be part of the ETC Community? Let us know if you are interested in having an event at our US headquarters.