What's happening at ETC Labs?

ETC Labs has built a strong community of entrepreneurs, educators, investors, compliance and policy managers and industry leaders. We host events on a regular basis and our ETC community is welcome to have events at our two floors in downtown San Francisco, the heart of technology and blockchain. Check out our events below and register today!





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Oct 28th

Transforming Sustainability through Blockchain

Doing good and making money can happen in the same investment. Blockchain offers unique solutions to address the climate crisis globally.

111 Ellis st, 2nd Floor

Oct 29th

Token Economics: Sustainable Business Model

Discussing existing and projected business models for decentralized tech projects.

111 Ellis st, 2nd Floor

Oct 30th

Cohort 2 Demo Day

ETC Labs hosts it’s 2nd Cohort Demo Day. Learn about the companies and project being accelerated through the Ethereum Classic ecosystem.

111 Ellis st, 2nd Floor

Nov 1st

Cross-chain: From A to B then Back

Wanna know the most deep insights about Cross-chain technology and application? Join this event during SFBW.

111 Ellis st, 2nd Floor

Interested in having an event @ETC Labs?

Are you or do you want to be part of the ETC Community? Let us know if you are interested in having an event at our US headquarters.