ETC Labs is dedicated to providing guidance, resources and technical knowledge to help the community understand, build and create impactful decentralized communities, applications and culture that was initially 

ETC Labs Discord

Stay in the loop with all developer and community related discussions by joining the ETC Labs Core Development Discord channel. Ask questions and get up to the minutes discussion from the Ethereum Classic community.  

ETC core Development

Our ETC Core Development team has been working on advancing the usage of Ethereum Classic by creating tools, interoperability and new features and functionality for the development community to start building decentralized applications on Ethereum Classic. Visit our ETC Core Development website to find out about what the team has been working on and what we will be focused on in the coming months. 

ETC Labs Github

Visit ETC Labs Core Development GitHub site where you can download the latest modules, services and code to build success decentralized applications, update your client NPM and learn how to use the tools. Download the latest code for JSON-RPC, Multi-Geth, Solidity, EVM, and much more. Learn about all the EIPs and the latest features and functionality of Ethereum Classic. 

ETC Labs core Blog

The ETC Labs Core team is leading the community with development resources to best understand the direction of the Ethereum Classic protocol, the latest version of the client software, best practices, “How to” information, and instructions on how to build with our tools. Below are the last four technical blogs. Click on Learn More to see all of our developer focused posts.