ETC Core blockchain expert developers are leaders on building with the tools in the Ethereum Classic protocol

  • DApp development tools
  • Applications
  • Guidance to a global community

🔥 Quarterly development summaries: Q1-2019, Q2-2019, Q3-2019, Q4-TBA

ETC Core Projects


Using fundamental specifications, tooling suites, and resources, we deliver open-source tooling for the Ethereum Classic ecosystem. A strong belief in cross-chain compatibility is implemented in our projects. You can use many of our tools on any EVM-based blockchain.


We actively support the development of the ETC protocol.

We champion improvement specifications for adoption and maintaining Multi-Geth.


We are committed to maximizing the capabilities of the EthereumStack through our EVM-LLVM project and compiler improvement initiatives.


2020 roadmap is to be announced!

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