Ethereum Classic Labs Accelerator provides

technical support for blockchain and digital asset startups from the ETC developer community. Each project receives mentorship and support for business strategy, venture funding development, networking, and investor introductions.

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Program Structure

Teams receive support on a weekly basis for 3 – 6 months focusing on business strategy, Ethereum Classic and blockchain tooling, pitch polishing, networking and introductions. The remote sessions include 1:1 check-ins, and office hours with ETC mentors. The teams get great perks from our service partners, seen below.


Service Partners

To join as a mentor or service provider,
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What Are We Looking For?

Ethereum Classic Labs works with teams focused on Decentralized Finance application and infrastructure.

  • middleware and dev tooling
  • financial inclusion
  • solutions for emerging markets.
  • Ideas outside of the box or a new way to work with the Ethereum Classic protocols.
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