The mission of ETC Labs is to build relevant, accessible, and high-quality technology, and to use that technology to create communities of value in a mature and regulated ecosystem. The ultimate goal is to fulfill the promise of blockchain to improve people’s lives using Ethereum Classic, one of the world’s major public blockchains. The ETC Labs team of experts also fosters partnerships with organizations and institutions in order to address fundamental challenges in developing and deploying this innovative technology. We fulfill the mission through in three way: the ETC Labs Accelerator, which invests in up to 25 blockchain projects annually that contribute to sustaining a robust ecosystem; strategic investments in innovative projects focused on economic and social development; and the Core Team, a team of experts and developers who maintain the Ethereum Classic blockchain and build key applications, solutions, and tools.

ETC Labs Accelerator

ETC Labs Accelerator program provides funding and support to 25 start-ups a year. Ethereum Classic Labs has worked with two cohorts thus far, with the third beginning in February 2020.

Deploy on Ethereum Classic

The steward of the Ethereum Classic blockchain, ETC Labs partners for blockchain projects focused on interoperability and the integration of ETC and provides:

  • direct funding
  • development
  • marketing support 

ETC Core

ETC Core blockchain expert developers are leaders on building with the tools in the Ethereum Classic protocol.

Mentors & Partners